Why Us?

PegasUAS is a specialist manufacturer of custom crafted unmanned aerial systems. Headed up by Three Pilots ©, we design, manufacture, test and sell commercial grade aerial systems.

Our airframes are custom made in our own facility in Cape Town South Africa. We only use the highest quality avionics and components in our aerial systems.

Our airframes are a carefully balanced matrix of epoxy resin, E glass, carbon fibre and aluminium.

We are a team of six dedicated professionals committed to the highest quality builds.

We offer tailor made solutions including complete integration of your payload and custom ground control solutions.

Our Three Pilots © have over 40 years combined flying experience and we draw on that expertise to bring you a superior product and an elevated mission ready capability that will have you airborne sooner for longer and at a most competitive price.

We understand that every customer has unique requirements and that’s why we custom craft every project to your needs! We love talking all things aeronautical and you are welcome to contact us anytime by phone, email, Whatsapp and Facebook.




  • Wingspan   4.5m
  • Length   3m
  • Weight

  • Max sensor payload   8kg
  • Maximum takeoff weight   40kg
  • Max battery   5.3kg

    Flight performance

  • Endurance   5 hours
  • Max head wind   25 knots
  • Take off roll at sea level   50m
  • Landing roll at sea level   60m
  • Max tailwind   5 knots
  • Max climb rate at sea level   1200ft/min
  • Max descent at sea level   1500ft/min
  • Max operational manoeuvre velocity   65 knots
  • Min manoeuvring velocity   35knots

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  • Daniel Bottomley
      Mobile: +27 (0) 61 287 2955
    Whatsapp: +27 (0) 82 558 6955

    Trevor Duane
    +27 (0) 78 690 8433